Website Services

Custom Web Design

“Traditional” web design – we build a complete custom website for you. I’ll help you decide what role your website can play in your overall marketing strategy, including brainstorming all the ways your site can make your job easier.

  • Custom-designed WordPress website
  • Colors, images and fonts that 100% match your branding
  • Streamlined code without the ‘bloat’ that comes with off-the-shelf themes
  • Fast-loading pages that meet or exceed best practices for SEO
  • Content and images developed for you in a way that matches the look and voice of your brand
  • Training on how to use WordPress to keep your site updated

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Website Creator Workshop

Designed for organizations with a smaller website budget who maintain your site in-house. You’ll get a custom theme developed to match your branding – which avoids all the bloated code that comes with an off-the-shelf ‘everything-for-everybody’ theme – along with in-depth training.

  • Suggested colors, images and fonts to match your branding
  • Resources for selecting and preparing photos and other images for your website
  • Custom-designed WordPress theme
  • In-depth online sessions where we walk you through adding content to your website
  • Fast-loading pages that meet or exceed best practices for SEO

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Website Support & Hosting

What makes our web hosting special? We’ve got your back, and we can help you figure out the trickiest website problem. So, if you feel like you could handle your own WordPress content updates, if only it weren’t for the times when things go overwhelmingly wrong, we’ve got the perfect safety net for you.

  • ANYTHING-web-related support
  • Blazing fast server speeds
  • Secured with an SSL Certificate from CloudFlare
  • We keep your WordPress code and plugins up to date
  • Up to 30 emails @yourdomain with cloud-based IMAP accounts, and unlimited email aliases that forward to your email
  • Option for us to handle your updates, too!

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