Wonder what a solid marketing strategy, good branding and becoming tech-savvy could do for your confidence (not to mention your sales)?

^^^ That’s what I do for clients.

If your business isn’t where you want it to be, let’s spend 20 minutes on the phone, no strings attached, and brainstorm.

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Picture This

Imagine what your life could be:

  • Professional branding – your logo, images, overall look – that represents the real you, opens doors and isn’t embarrassing
  • Messaging that gets attention and resonates with that exact person you’d like to work with
  • A WordPress website that you and your staff confidently manage
  • A process that leads your ideal prospects to know, like & trust you – making sales easier
  • Online tools that make your day-to-day job easier, and help you present a professional image to the world.

Done the right way, branding & marketing help you connect with ideal clients and nurture leads. They give you confidence. They keep your business sustainable.

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Who Am I?

“Whatever the mind of (wo)man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” -Napoleon Hill
Leslie, let me start out by saying how much I appreciate what you did to get me into the 21 century with a website. Your hard work was and is greatly appreciated. And, for all the rest: Loved the title. Loved the pictures, loved the layout. I was like a proud mother looking at her first child. It might not have seemed like much at first but it certainly grew into something wild and crazy. Thanks a gazillion. – Lannie H
Between redoing our logo and overhauling our website, we love our brand new look. You are awesome to work with! – Elizabeth K
Changing the look (for our events) each season is something I really enjoy, keeps it fresh and interesting. Leslie does a nice job, has learned to read minds nicely! Many kudos to her and Melissa for making us look good. – Chris T
From our colors and fonts, to our logo, to the photo shoot that really made us realize my dream is a reality, to the website – thank you so much for helping bring to life the vision that I had for our event space. – Rhonda S
This was so much more than a rebranding – you were able to pull out what was most important to me, and reflect that image back onto my company. That single shift has truly changed the way we see ourselves. It has changed everything. – Sara K
Thank you for all of the work you have helped us with. You have provided me with an education I didn’t even know I needed and I appreciate it very much. Hopefully we will have the opportunity to use your services again in the not-so-distant future. – Marj F
Loving the look you created for me, friend! Everyone agrees it fits me perfectly! – Cheryl R
Creating a website and other marketing materials that work for you doesn’t require a magic wand. It just requires thoughtful strategy and planning – done the right way.

I’m Leslie Smith. I’ve spent over two decades in advertising, and 18 years ago founded my own company. (Why did I name my company after a bird? It’s a cool story if you have a couple of minutes – you can read it, and how I started my company, here.)

I work with clients to create websites and branding based on solid marketing strategies – not just pretty pictures.

If you’re embarrassed by the way your website and other branding makes you look, don’t have a plan in place to market your business, or are intimidated by the technology needed to put together an online system, let’s talk about it. I’d love to see if I can help you. If not, I can probably steer you in the right direction.

What’s the #1 website mistake I see?

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