‘Getting More Clients’ Should Not Be Your Marketing Goal

If you’re a small business owner and provide a professional service, “getting more clients” is probably a running mantra in the back of your mind. It could even be your top goal of the year.

More clients = more sales = more money = success, right?

Sure. If you’re happy working 80+ hours a week. If you don’t mind spending a huge chunk of your budget on marketing. If you want to stay stuck on the pendulum of either enough time, or enough money, but never both at the same time. If you want your business to run your life.

Or, you could change up that goal with one simple word. This one word can simplify your marketing. It can help you transform your branding into something that gives you confidence and clarity throughout every business deal. It can change your business into something that brings you joy. And it can make you more money.

Ideal. Five letters that will transform your business.

Change Your Goal

Change your goal from “Getting more clients” to “Getting more ideal clients.”

It’s that simple. But it requires a lot from you.

Adding the word “ideal” means you have to define it. You have to choose who your ideal client is. You have to choose what service you want to provide that ideal client. You have to choose how you really want to spend your work days.

It takes courage, but isn’t that why you went into business for yourself, to be able to have a choice on how you spend your life?

You can choose to do anything and everything for anyone who will pay you. Or you can choose the work that you are most passionate about – or most interested in – and the people that you’d most like to work with. You can choose to work with the clients who will bring you joy.

The point is not just to make you happier (although that’s a side effect with benefits beyond measure): when you are doing work that brings you joy, it’s easier to focus. You bring more energy. You do a better job. As a result, you make more money.

Your Marketing Gets Simpler

And your marketing becomes much simpler. When you’re no longer trying to be everything to anybody and instead focus on your ideal person, it’s much easier to get that person’s attention.

And that ideal client who you enjoy working with? They’re most likely going to like you back. As a service provider, your branding – done the right way – represents you, and your personality shines through. Plug that into your marketing, and you become a powerhouse. That ideal client, the one most likely to like you, connects with your marketing. Your message resonates. Suddenly things are getting easier.

You get to show up as you. Authentic. Real. You can kiss imposter syndrome goodbye.

When you walk into a presentation – whether it’s in a real room, an online meeting or just a phone call – if your marketing and branding have led the way, the person on the other side of the table is expecting, and just as importantly, wanting, you. All you have to do is be yourself.

In an age where 80% of business owners have admitted they lack confidence at least part of the time, walking into a meeting where all you have to do is be yourself, and having the confidence that goes with it, can be the difference between making a sale and leaving empty-handed. Salespeople with confidence are more likable. Service providers who are confident are more trusted. And business owners who are confident make more money.

It’s a whole lot easier than trying to be everything to everybody and spending your energy shifting back and forth, every meeting, every project, every day.

In fact, it’s ideal.