Case Study: Couples Coaching Couples

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Case Study: Couples Coaching Couples


Couples Coaching Couples is the world’s largest couples mentoring organization. The organization’s website lacked the dynamic look and feel of its branding, and it didn’t reflect the diversity of CCC’s growing membership.

CCC’s website development committee tasked Heron Design with developing a website with two components: First, create a public-facing website that reflected the organization’s branding, mission and diversity. Second, build a member-facing section that served as a complete resource center for members. Working with the committee, we created a wish list that included a social area, a training document library complete with a rating system, streamlined event and member registration forms, custom user dashboards, and a dynamic member directory.

We created a website that accomplished all of this, and more.

The new home page features an animated set of photos that showcase CCC’s diversity. Each photo transitions from sepia tone to full color to imply timelessness.
Couples Coaching Couples website badges

Couples Coaching Couples website home page

We designed badges and graphics to carry the look of Couples Coaching Couples’ branding throughout the site. In the CCC Member Directory, badges showing committee/board involvement on each members’ profile encourages member participation.

We talked to the part-time executive director in depth about ways the website could save her time. An example of this are the detailed event registration pages, that allow users/members to register for events, but then edit their details later, to save the executive director from having to respond to dozens of ‘please change this’ emails.

A number of CCC members are in the 65+ age group, and somewhat technically challenged. We took great care to build custom WooCommerce cart and checkout pages that created an easy purchasing experience for all.

Couples Coaching Couples website member-facing page examples