Case Study: Southern Ad Signs

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Longevity and tradition are great marketing tools – unless your branding looks tired and old.

Case Study: Southern Ad Signs


Southern Advertising & Sign can trace its company roots back to 1910. (In fact, the company initially hired the painter for Rock City’s famous rural marketing campaign that began in 1935. His “See Rock City” signs can still be seen on barn roofs throughout the South.) But with an outdated logo and a website from the ’90s, Southern Ad Signs’ branding did nothing to show off the company’s technical capabilities and superior quality.

Case Study: Southern Ad SignsOur first step was to create a strong logo that blends tradition and modernism, reflecting Southern Ad Signs’ long standing reputation and reliability.

Then, we developed a website with a clean look to showcase the company’s impressive portfolio of sign projects. The new site provided a seamless browsing experience, allowing visitors to explore the diverse range of custom sign solutions effortlessly.

Case Study: Southern Ad Signs

Finally, we worked with staff to develop the company’s social media platforms, finding creative ways to engage their target audiences.

The rebranding effort successfully modernized Southern Ad Signs’ image while maintaining its legacy, solidifying its position as a trusted leader in the signage industry.