Case Study: Envelope Challenge

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The Envelope Challenge logo

Two friends sharing a table at a gala in 2019, each professionals with clients in the non-profit world, had an idea for an online fundraiser. They approached Leslie Smith, managing partner of Heron Design, to bring their idea to life.

Forming a partnership, the three women founded Longevity Partners and launched The Envelope Challenge.

Part of the task for the Heron Design team was to develop a logo, website, and other branding for the Envelope Challenge that could easily be ‘rebranded’ to match individual fundraising campaigns for clients. Our next task was to develop a marketing campaign to attract non-profit clients.

We succeeded in both.

We created a Facebook ad campaign that led to a landing page, with a simple information form and an autoresponder, along with a 7-part email introduction campaign. The company often receives emails from potential clients who saved the “7th of 7” email from the intro campaign, and weeks or even months later, are ready to start their own Envelope Challenge.

To date, the Envelope Challenge has raised almost half a million dollars for organizations across the country, in fundraisers that typically range from $11,500 to $20,000. Sales have risen steadily every year. In fact, by July 2023, the company had more than doubled its sales from 2022.

Envelope Challenge promotional website
Envelope Challenge email campaign