Case Study: Finley Stadium

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Bringing “Where Chattanooga Plays” To Life

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Finley Stadium opened in 1997 to host football games for the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.

Seventeen years later, as part of the revival and renovation of Chattanooga’s Southside area, the complex also hosted to the Chattanooga Football Club as well as other amateur soccer leagues and the Chattanooga Market.

As it began to open its gates to other sports teams – including hosting games for both the U.S. Men’s and Women’s National Soccer teams – the management partnered with Heron Design to rebrand the complex.

Focusing on the concept “Where Chattanooga Plays” we designed a new logo and look.

We carried that new look through signage throughout the complex and other marketing materials, social media, and their website.

Finley Stadium website developed by Heron Design

open quotation mark - testimonialI’ve partnered with Leslie and Heron Design on many projects over the years. The most extensive was the rebrand when I took over Finley Stadium: we recreated everything from top to bottom, from the logo to the website to every sign in the facility, even the menus in our skyboxes. The rebrand was a tremendous success, and we relied on Leslie’s creativity and design and marketing skills throughout the project to make us look great.

In the four years after the rebrand, Finley Stadium set several records for events/productions and overall ‘butts-in-seats,’ especially as we were able to land games for both the U.S. Men’s and Women’s National Soccer teams. Overall, our revenue increased by 300%. I believe our rebranding contributed greatly to that accomplishment.  – Paul Smith, former Executive Director, Finley Stadium

Finley Stadium logo

Case Study: Finley Stadium

Case Study: Finley Stadium